from Idea to Implementation

We plan, design and build custom apps, websites and platform solutions. Every project and business has different needs and we can help you navigate the multitude of options to decide what approach is right for your business and budget.

Our project roster includes websites, massive touchscreen presentations, iPad kiosks and apps that live on those smart little devices we all seem to have a hard time putting down. We typically recommend and prefer the solutions below, but custom HTML5 and Javascript as well as WordPress are in our skill set. If you have questions, we're easy to talk to so don't hesitate to get in touch about your project.



If your business needs to get online fast, Squarespace provides a feature rich, hosted platform that allows our time to be spent focusing on your design and messaging rather than cumbersome code. We’ll evaluate your unique needs and design a fresh look for your business or project. Squarespace is an incredibly cost and time effective way to start, or refresh, your brand. We don't just talk the talk though, Squarespace is the platform we've chosen for this site.



The cost of maintaining custom ecommerce code can be a substantial barrier to any new product or store launch. If your business needs online commerce, Shopify can help you explore the product market at a fraction of the traditional cost. The short of it is, by the time you outgrow a platform as robust as Shopify, the cost of building your own platform probably won't be a concern. If you're seeking help getting started and are looking for a well designed, customized platform—we can help.




We specialize in Javascript hybrid apps (mobile and desktop) using the Meteor platform. With Meteor, one set of code will allow your app to work on desktop and mobile devices. We designed and built our own app, MemLife, in Meteor to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. If you have an app or Meteor project in mind we'd be happy to speak with you.